Integrate your delivery channels and other with your ePOS and simplify delivery with Gigable

Deliverect connects delivery platforms to your point-of-sale system, automating your delivery flow with Gigable allowing you to own your delivery driver fleet and take back control of your customer experience.

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What are the benefits?

  • Not having to manually re-enter orders in your POS saves time and avoids mistakes
  • Your employees no longer have to handle incoming orders and multiple tablets, so they can shift their focus back to the floor and kitchen
  • From the Deliverect dashboard, you can centrally manage multi-platform menus for multiple locations and/or virtual brands
  • The integration enables online and offline inventory syncing in your POS, making it easier to manage stock
  • Your POS reporting includes your online sales channels, so you can easily analyze and grow your business
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Receive orders from multiple delivery channels into your POS

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Once the integration is activated, all your online orders are automatically sent to your POS and kitchen printer

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Manage, analyze and grow your delivery operation

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